Stone Veneer Siding Installation – Dayton, Ohio

Stone Veneer Siding Replacement

The look of natural stone is a difficult one to match, it provides your home with a certain degree of beauty while offering considerable structural support. It should be noted that real stone is incredibly heavy, relatively expensive, and can difficult to handle during building.

If you are looking for a siding that adds character without having to spend more money, stone veneer siding is for you.  Stone veneer siding can bring a rustic charm to your home.  If you have your heart set on stone, our manufactured rock stone veneer finish can help you avoid the hassle of real stone.

Stone Veneer Siding Offers Homeowners: 

  • Increased curb appeal that adds value to your home. Stone veneer is considered an attractive, elegant finish for your property.
  • Versatile options offering a variety of styles, textures, and color.
  • Ease of maintenance and durability with no painting, staining, or sealing needed.
  • Affordable options when compared to natural rock and other siding options.

However, it does have its limitations. For example, due to the process of creating the cast concrete product it can take time to prepare the molds and let them cure.

Proper installation and quality materials will mean your stone veneer siding lasts longer and keeps complications from arising after the installation process is complete. You can count on Van Martin to professionally install your stone veneer siding in the Dayton, Ohio area.

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