Fascia & Soffit Installation – Dayton, Ohio

Fascia & Soffit Replacement

Two of the most important aspects in protecting your home are understanding the impact that your fascia and soffit can have on durability.

A soffit is simply the exposed surface beneath the overhang of a roof eave. It is typically installed to draw heat and moisture away from your house in order to deter potential rot from forming in your attic.

Fascia, on the other hand, is an exposed outer layer of protection between the edge of your roof and the outdoors. Installing or replacing the soffit and fascia can have an immediate impact on your home ventilation.  Proper ventilation reduces the possibility of collecting water in areas where it could lead to rot.

As with siding, the traditional material for your home would generally be wood or aluminum. However, in recent years the trend is now starting to lean towards non-traditional materials such as vinyl and synthetic materials, like fiber cement.  These products have become more popular as they offer better durability and less maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

Choosing a material for your fascia and soffit replacement is important not only structurally but also to compliment the architecture of your home.

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