Stone Veneer Siding Repair – Dayton, Ohio

Stone Veneer Siding Repair

Stone siding can experience various problems, which may encourage you to repair your siding.

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to your home, but unfortunately it is rather impractical. Due to its weight, size, and difficulty in application, stone veneer siding has become very popular in recent years. This product gives homeowners the look of natural stone without any of the issues involved in transporting, sourcing, or applying it to your home.

Small issues such as a crack can be patched up, however there can be issues with finding an exact replacement for individual pieces of stone. Some of the issues can include cracks forming, stones being dislodged and weather damage related issues.

The look of natural stone siding is a difficult one to match, which is why many tend to choose  Stone Veneer siding. It is also easier to replace, as the majority of stone siding can now be created in molds that look just like the real thing!

Stone veneer takes on the characteristics, from a cosmetic point of view, of its natural counterpart while also offering the ability to be molded and shaped into whatever the homeowner desires.

Some of the advantages of stone veneer siding include a variety of different factors that can affect your home.

  • Increased curb appeal that adds value to your home. Stone Veneer is considered to be an attractive, elegant finish for your property.
  • Versatile options offering a variety of styles, textures, and color.
  • Ease of maintenance and durability with no painting, staining, or sealing needed.
  • Affordable options when compared to natural rock and some other siding options.

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