Fascia & Soffit Repair – Dayton, Ohio

Fascia & Soffit Repair

Both Fascia and Soffit are two of the most important parts of your home’s infrastructure against the potentially damaging aspects of weather, pests, and other hazards. Having obvious rotting in either soffit or fascia can lead to more harmful effects for your home’s protection down the line.

Soffit allows your home to ventilate your attic, pulling warmth and moisture away from the outside of your home meaning that rot cannot develop in the sheathing and rafters. Common issues with these are from over clogged gutters where water spillage has continued onto the damp areas and begun to rot. Also, these are common areas for animals like squirrels, birds, and raccoons to nest in and damage the structure.

The fascia of your home also provides another layer of protection to your hone. The primary function of the fascia is to act as a layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoors, giving your home protection in severe weather conditions.

It is so important to have soffit and fascia installed correctly and professionally. Any issues with either of these aspects of your siding can lead to greater problems down the line.

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