Fiber Cement Siding – Dayton, Ohio

Fiber Cement Siding Replacement

At Van Martin, we hire the very best professionals available in the industry and use only the very best products. It is for this reason that we choose to use James Hardie as our preferred Fiber Cement Siding product.

Siding is imperative to ensure the durability, visual appeal and overall value of your home. If you are looking for a particular type of siding that offers a variety of styles, finishes, colors, while offering unparalleled durability, then James Hardie Fiber Cement is an excellent choice.

This product, when installed correctly by a quality contractor such as Van Martin, provides the very best in appearance and practicality. ┬áIt is also considered to be a ‘green’ product due to its ability to endure the elements and the sustainable materials it is created from.

Fiber cement siding is made up of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber. Why is this important? The combination of these materials offers five levels of protection for your home: weather, water, fire, pest, and time. This resistance to the elements and nature makes this product stand out against other options such as wood or vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Offers Homeowners:

  • Resistance to extreme temperature and weather-related issues.
  • Non-combustibility and flame resistance, acquiring the highest possible flame-spread rating in the industry.
  • Low maintenance and a color finish with a 15-year warranty on the product.
  • Resistance to pests, such as termites. Fiber Cement Siding is constructed from materials pests have no desire to eat.

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